Why Combatives?  

MMA vs. Combatives - The Big Picture.





Training for Real World Survival

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Ask Yourself "What am I Really Training for?"

 When choosing a group to train with, ask yourself a few key questions.  

  • Have you ever fought in the ring or Octagon before?
  • Do you have an upcoming MMA, Boxing or Kickboxing Match?
  • Are you planning on getting in the Ring or Octagon in the near future?

Will MMA / "Combat Sport" really meet your needs?

MMA training methodologies are great attribute builders but are not realistic training scenarios for most people. Do some MMA / "Combat Sport" skill sets carry over to Real World Situations? Absolutely.

Will training to fight one opponent in your weight class in a padded ring prepare you for multiple opponents on concrete?  

Will rolling around on the asphalt with your opponent help you when another attacker strikes you from behind?

Will training against an opponent with gloves and shin pads prepare you for an opponent with a baseball bat or knife? 

Will MMA training completely prepare you for the harsh realities of a street fight with no rules?

Think about your actual needs and make the right decision for yourself.


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