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I have been practicing martial arts for 28 years and have 4 black belts. I trained in numerous arts such as: Tae Kwon Do, Tang Soo Do, Chung Kuk Do, Kaihewalu Lua, Jujitsu, Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do, kickboxing, Muy Thai and probably a few others. My point in writing all that is simple, I’ve been around and know quality martial arts. Steve and Raffi have trained under some of the worlds best instructors and are both excellent martial arts practitioners. They both share a love for what they teach, not to mention they are great at it. In their classes you will be learning Kali (escrima), Jun Fan, Boxing and Silat (my favorite). The form of Silat that is being taught requires consistent training to build muscle memory and before you know it you will be amazed with what you can do.

If you are looking for a true martial arts experience and want to learn an art that you can grow old doing, look no further. One more word of advice: BE PATIENT! This art takes a little time to become 2nd nature, but it is beyond worth the time.
— Micah R. Woodland Hills, CA
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Highly recommended!
This class is a great! I have been training there for 8 months and I love it. The systems we are taught are both effective and fun.
A great way to spend a Saturday morning!
— Matt E. Encino, CA
The Saturday morning Burbank Group going through their footwork drills. 

The Saturday morning Burbank Group going through their footwork drills. 

I’ve been training with this group since November of 2012 and have nothing but the most positive things to say about the experience. The teachers (Raffi and Steve) truly care about their students and teaching something that is a labor of love to them. And the students in this class have been extremely awesome as well. No egos or people with something to prove... everybody is there to learn and grow and help others do the same. Highly recommended!
— Paul S. Encino, CA

I was really excited when Steve and Raffi formed LA Combatives Group. Both are excellent teachers with a broad and practical knowledge of martial arts. They also have a deep interest in the success of their students.

At La Combatives Group the focus is on surviving a real world conflict. So La Combatives focus on martial arts that don’t have rules like Kali, Jun Fan, and traditional Jujitsu. While this is a serious pursuit the atmosphere is friendly and fun.
— Jason B. San Fernando, CA

Hooray LA Combatives has a yelp page! :)

As I have mentioned in my previous review (under “Fitness is Art”) this has been the most rewarding class, well group actually, that I have ever trained with. I also can’t believe how blessed I am to have instructors like Steve and Raffi. I not only admire them for their years of martial arts experience and training, but they are wonderful instructors who are caring and will take the time to teach students how to execute techniques effectively. Also these instructors are one of the very few martial artists I know who focus on traditional martial arts and self defense. The curriculum shown at this school is great for a beginner and even an experienced martial artist. I myself learned techniques which I thought I had already known but was shown in a different light.

Before I came to LA Combatives I was trying to find my martial arts path once I realized I didn’t get what I really wanted out of the other places where I have trained at. I was looking for a system that emphasized self defense and I have truly found this at LA Combatives Group.

So go ahead and challenge yourself. I will even hold the focus mitts for you when you come in :)
— Jazmin A. Burbank, CA

I was fortunate to me meet Steve and Raffi a couple years ago and have been training with them ever since.
They have an understanding of the arts they teach that is rare to find. Most of the time Martial Arts teachers just tell you to repeat moves without ever giving you the understanding or theory behind them. These guys do not hold back the information like many arts that have an inner and outer school.
It was important for me to train in arts that could be applied right away in real street scenario. Streets are not made of floormats and have no referees. These classes are effective, fun and have great instructors. I highly recommend LA Combative Group to anyone who seeks to deepen there understanding and skill of martial arts.
— Joachim M. Woodland Hills, CA

The instructors are amazing and very knowledgeable. I leave with new skill sets after every training session. The sessions are both challenging and remarkably fun.

I believe this is the place to train for anyone interested in practical, no b.s., effective-on-the-streets martial arts.
— Victor F. Los Angeles, CA

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced martial artist, I think you will find these classes to be informative and challenging. I know I’m hooked - so much so that I drive an hour each way to attend!!! I have found Raffi and Steve to be extremely knowledgeable and patient. They not only show you what to do, but how to adapt when things are not working, which is huge! There is plenty of repetition to help students to become fluent in techniques, yet good variety from Muy Tai, Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do and Kali to keep things interesting ... and sweaty! Overall, great classes and awesome people to train with!
— Sheryl P. Oxnard, CA

If you want to learn the basic training for Martial Arts, then I would recommend taking classes from Steve and Raffi. It’s a combination of self defense moves, cardio, kicking and upper strength—plus you will have a better understanding of the martial arts techniques. The classes are fun for all levels.
— Julie W. Encino, CA

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