Is MMA really the Most Effective training for Real-World situations?

Want to know if you are really prepared for a real-world survival situation?  With all the training options out there...Combatives and MMA, which one is the best to get you truly prepared to survive?  With all the popularity and hype surrounding MMA these days coupled with a comparative lack of info on what Genuine Combatives are, how would anyone know the difference?   Here is a video that anyone considering training MMA as a way to get prepared for a life or death situation should see...


How Does MMA training prepare you for Real-World Violence?  MMA Champions demonstrate.

Notice that the main differences in Genuine Combatives as compared with MMA training include but are not limited to:

1.  Weapons Awareness & Training,

2. Multiple Opponent Awareness & Training,

3. Situational Escalation vs Deescalation Awareness & Training.

4. Life or Death Consequences.

5. Uneven, Dangerous or Non Ideal Training Environment.

6. Lack of any Rules, Referee or Medical Safety Net.

Are you serious about learning how to defend yourself in a real-world, dire situation?  

Genuine Combatives will prepare you for these possibilities and more.  

MMA is effective for learning how to defeat a single, unarmed opponent of similar training and weight in a strictly controlled environment. 

At LA Combatives Group, you will receive the best of both Combatives and MMA training methodologies.  

Challenge Yourself.