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Effective Self Defense for Any Environment or Situation

LA Combatives Group training is Simple, Direct, Proven and Easy to Use.  You will learn Effective Striking, Grappling, Weapons, Multiple Opponents and Functional Fitness.  Martial Arts Systems include Jeet Kune Do JKD, Filipino Martial Arts / Escrima, Pentjak Silat, Kickboxing, Karate, Judo, Jujitsu, etc.  Functional Fitness includes Jump Rope, Kettlebells, Stretching, Cardio, Circuit Training and more.



Things That Made Bruce Lee Great... Fencing & Boxing Technology

Most of us are well aware that Bruce Lee was progressive, innovative and ahead of his time when it came to his approach for his own personal combatives system.  But how ahead of his time was he and why?  Watch this well done video by to see the reality of Bruce's Insights on combative truth, even as far back as the early 1960s.


Is MMA really the Most Effective training for Real-World situations?

Want to know if you are really prepared for a real-world survival situation?  With all the training options out there...Combatives and MMA, which one is the best to get you truly prepared to survive?  With all the popularity and hype surrounding MMA these days coupled with a comparative lack of info on what Genuine Combatives are, how would anyone know the difference?   Here is a video that anyone considering training MMA as a way to get prepared for a life or death situation should see...

How Does MMA training prepare you for Real-World Violence?  MMA Champions demonstrate.

Notice that the main differences in Genuine Combatives as compared with MMA training include but are not limited to:

1.  Weapons Awareness & Training,

2. Multiple Opponent Awareness & Training,

3. Situational Escalation vs Deescalation Awareness & Training.

4. Life or Death Consequences.

5. Uneven, Dangerous or Non Ideal Training Environment.

6. Lack of any Rules, Referee or Medical Safety Net.

Are you serious about learning how to defend yourself in a real-world, dire situation?  

Genuine Combatives will prepare you for these possibilities and more.  

MMA is effective for learning how to defeat a single, unarmed opponent of similar training and weight in a strictly controlled environment. 

At LA Combatives Group, you will receive the best of both Combatives and MMA training methodologies.  

Challenge Yourself. 




Things That Made Bruce Lee Great... Work Ethic

Work Ethic.

Bruce Lee's Dragon Flag Exercise

Bruce Lee's Dragon Flag Exercise

Bruce Lee’s Training Diary for the month of January in 1968:

18600: Punches Thrown

15: kicking & Flexibility Sessions

121: Sets of situps

12: sessions of hitting the speed bag and heavy bag

128: sets of side bends

21: Isometric forearm workouts

129: sets of leg raises

19: isometric squat & stance workouts

9.8 hours of road work running/sprinting

5100: Finger jabs

* Not included on this list are several additional sessions of weight training, calisthenics, sparing, and classes taught…

~Article in Muscle & Fitness

The Problem with Knowing it All. . .

In anything, especially training, we can never really know it all. Even true Masters will tell you they have a lot to learn still. Champions stay champions because they continue to improve. The champions that do not continue to improve do not stay on top very long.

When we think we know it all (which happens to the best of us) it is impossible to learn because in the back of our mind, we think we already know what is being presented. Our mind is closed because, "we already know that" or, "I know better." Unfortunately, most of us have run into a few who knew it all. They're usually the ones that watched everyone who didn't "know it all" fly right by. 

Research your own experiences. . . have you ever thought you knew it all, only to find out later the hard way you did not? This is martial arts as a mirror to examine yourself. One of the greatest things we can gain from training is humility.

The fastest way to learn is to have the mindset of a student. At the most basic level, the student mindset assumes we do not know everything and that there is always something new to learn. 

Be a student.

It’s the things we learn after we know it all that really count in our lives. Those lessons in life are truly the greatest ones.
— Coach Wooden

Why Combatives? What's the difference between MMA & Combatives?

I'm looking for a place to train to learn how to defend myself.  Where do I start?

People look for different things when searching for a Martial Arts school.  Some are looking for to have fun, get in shape, or enter competition. Others have serious needs to feel confident and in control during a violent, life-threatening situation. Of course, while looking for a school to train at, one might find both MMA / "Combat Sport" Schools and also Combatives Schools.  

What is the difference?

What is the difference? The fact is, MMA or "Combat Sport" is a highly developed and proven type of training that is purpose built to allow two athletes to challenge each other and themselves in a safe, fair way. These systems excel in the ring and were originally derived from Combat Sciences. The main purpose of MMA / Combat Sport training is to prepare you to win in a sport environment - a ring, octagon, cage, etc.

True Combatives are combat sciences purpose built and proven to deal with life or death situations on the battlefield, in the jungle, bad neighborhoods, etc.  Their sole aim is to keep you and your loved ones alive in a dire situation. 

MMA vs Combatives.png


What are You Really Training for?


 When choosing a group to train with, ask yourself a few key questions.  

  • Have you ever fought in the ring or Octagon before?
  • Do you have an upcoming MMA, Boxing or Kickboxing Match?
  • Are you ever planning on getting in the Ring or Octagon?


Will MMA / "Combat Sport" really meet your needs?


MMA training methodologies are great attribute builders but are not realistic training scenarios for most people. Do some MMA / "Combat Sport" skill sets carry over to Real World Situations?



Will training to fight a single opponent (a dual) your weight a padded ring.....really prepare you for multiple opponents on concrete?  


Will rolling around on the asphalt with your opponent help you when another attacker comes from behind strikes you from behind?


Will training against an opponent with gloves and shin pads prepare you for an opponent with a baseball bat or knife? 


Will MMA training completely prepare you for the harsh realities of a street fight with no rules?


When looking for a group to train with, BE SMART. Take into consideration your actual needs and make the right decision for yourself.