About Us



It’s a Jungle Out There.

All anyone has to do is watch the news or go on Facebook for a moment to see that our everyday world is getting pretty wild. Burying your head in the sand is not the solution. Getting prepared with some solid training...is. 


Get the Edge 

Genuine, old school training that will evoke real confidence, peace of mind and a general feeling of being empowered. When you’re around, everyone else will be a little safer.


A Simple Approach to Self Defense  

While many schools try to give you Chess when all you need is Checkers, we keep it simple.  In all things, simplicity is the height of cultivation.  Our "Rock - Paper - Scissors" approach will get you up to speed...right now. The simpler the system, the faster you get results. 


But I love chess  

Because Rock - Paper - Scissors is quick to learn, you’ll catch on quickly.  You may want more. When you’re ready, we’ll bring out Checkers. When you’ve mastered that, and if you still want more, we have Chess games that will blow your mind.  It’s all there. 


Zero Ego Training  

While most schools have issues with pushy or dominant students our small, focused classes, personalized instruction and proprietary teaching method completely eliminates this. You will experience fun, humble and skilled people who are here to help you.