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Effective Self Defense for Any Environment or Situation

Effective Self Defense for Any Environment or Situation



What is LA Combatives Group?

LA Combatives Group is Simple, Direct, and Proven Self Defense Training.




Multiple Opponents.

Functional Fitness.


We offer the best pricing and value for self defense you will find. Anywhere.

Group Training — Monthly membership or drop-in classes are available for ages 13 and up. 

Private Training — We also offer private and semi-private instruction for all ages. You come to us or we come to you.


Contact us and RSVP today to schedule your two FREE trial classes.

Group & Private Classes


“All knowledge ultimately means self-knowledge.”

— Bruce Lee


Now Accepting Applications for the Upcoming March 2018 Beginner Group. 

Have you tried this and that and didn't get what you wanted? Are you done messing around? Have you decided to commit, challenge yourself and get some serious results?  Here's your chance. Only 8 Spots will be open and they will go fast. Get on The Path.  

This...will be different. For the right students, this will be a life changer. Write us. Tell us about yourself, what you are looking for, why you want it, and why you should be a part of the next group instead of on the waiting list. This is your chance to show us, and most important, yourself what you're made of.

We will schedule trial classes, where you can show us what you got. Whatever you bring will be seen and met with equivalent challenge and results. Remember, it's not about how good you are now. It's about how good you want to be.