LA Combatives Group

Effective Self Defense for Any Environment or Situation

LA Combatives Group is World Class Combative Martial Arts Training. Simple, Direct and Non-Classical Results Based Self Defense.  No Belts, No Rituals, No Nonsense.  Gain Peace of mind through learning and drilling simple tools to help you avoid, escape or survive a violent situation.

Striking. Grappling. Weapons. Multiple Opponents.

Challenge Yourself.


Benefits of Training

Simple, Direct & Easy to Use Martial Arts.





Multiple Opponents.

Functional Fitness.


LA Combatives Group has NO BELTS, NO RITUALS and NO NONSENSE.  Instead, you will get Effectiveness, Results & Confidence.


Real World Self Defense

Experience confidence and control in any violent environment or situation.


Get Fit 

Have fun getting in the best shape of your life. Expect Results.


Make Enduring Friendships

Share new skills and experiences with new friends.


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